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Art at Home: Make a 3D paper flower

Learn how to create beautiful paper flowers, no watering required!

Time required 30-60 minutes.

Difficulty level Easy. Suitable for all ages.

You will need:

• 10 sheets of square tissue paper (for flower)

• Coloured card or paper (for stem & leaves)

• Coloured card or paper (for background)

• Scissors

• Thread

• Gluestick


For the flower:

1. Layer up your tissue.

2. Zigzag fold all of the layers together into one long strip.

3. Fold in half. Wind the thread around the centre several times and tie securely.

4. Cut each end to a point.

5. Fan out the paper at each end.

6. Peel up the layers of paper one by one. Shape each layer to create petals.

For the leaves and stem:

7. Cut a long piece of paper for the stem.

8. Zigzag fold the length of paper.

9. Cut out a leaf shape.

The finished product:

10. Put all the parts together on your background sheet of paper, once you are happy, stick them in place. Sign your work. :)

Further options:

  • Try sticking two half flowers together to create a full flower head.

  • Try using other materials from your home to create a stalk.

  • Try different sizes and different types of paper.

You could display the flowers in a vase in your window or hang them with string.

If you live with other people why don’t you all have a go at making these flowers.

Show us your finished work on our Instagram or Facebook page!

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