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Art at Home: Make hopeful hearts

Make keepsakes for Covid-19 patients and their families who can't be together.

This is an idea that came from Kat Lamb, an ICU Nurse at the QEQM hospital. The idea being that the twin hearts will give Covid patients and their families something physical to hold onto when they can’t be together with their loved ones. One heart stays with the patient, the other goes home with their family. 

She says that the hearts can be made out of anything. They can be knitted, crocheted, made of clay, salt dough, paper mache… We made ours are made with felt, gems and other bits to decorate. 

Please see your completed hearts to the Palliative Care Team, either at QEQM, K&C or the William Harvey. Or drop them through the letter box at AiR and we will send them in for you. All the hearts are quarantined before being given to patients and their families. 

We would be delighted if you could post photos of your hearts on our Instagram or Facebook page.

And do share the idea with your friends!  

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