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Art at Home: Make a carnival shaker

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Learn how to make a brightly coloured musical shaker.

Time required 1- 2 hours.

Difficulty level A bit fiddly. Suitable for all ages – but kids will need some grown up help with the craft knife.

You will need:

• Craft knife

• Ten small pieces of tissue paper or newspaper

• Three small pieces of wet & dry tissue paper or greaseproof paper

• Seeds or rice (for inside)

• Elastic band

• Plastic bottle

• Masking tape

• Stick (to hold)

• Acrylic paint

• Paint brush

• PVA glue

• Ribbon or nice material, felt, stickers to decorate


1. Grab a grown up. Get the grown up to use the craft knife to cut the bottle in half. (Put the other half to one side for a future project)

2. Cut a length of masking tape. Tape your stick to the neck end of the bottle to create a handle. Use enough tape to make the handle secure.

3. Put your seeds or rice in the bottle. Keep upright.

4. Take a small square of greaseproof paper, paint one side with PVA glue. Wrap the piece around the open end of the bottle.

5. Repeat the process with another two layers of greaseproof paper. Secure the paper with an elastic band if you need to.

6. Stick the newspaper pieces to the body of the shaker using lots of PVA glue. Cover the body down to the handle, don’t cover the top though. Leave to dry.

7. Paint the body of the shaker, leaving the top clear. Leave to dry. You may wish add another coat.

8. Cut pieces of ribbon to desired length. Tie around the base of the shaker, at the top of the stick.

9. Decorate the body of the shaker using material, felt, ribbons, whatever you fancy.

The finished product:

Further options:

  • Experiment with different types of seeds and rice for different sounds.

  • Try using different shapes and sizes of bottles.

  • Try making a family of sizes.

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