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AiR volunteers are the glue of our organisation and we are grateful to have such a great team helping us to develop a thriving centre.


If you would like to get back to work, or if you simply have an hour or two free, we want to include as many people as possible. We have a range of set volunteer roles available for people to take part in:

If you have any questions please email us at office@artsinramsgate.org.uk or call us on 01843 309 284. 

Why Volunteer?

Make a difference to your community

Volunteer Opportunities

Receptionist (Volunteer)

Receptionists are key to how we run AiR community and arts centre in Ramsgate. They work with other volunteers and staff to create a welcoming space for people of all abilities and backgrounds to engage in new activities and explore their creativity.

18 Harbour St, Ramsgate CT11 8HA, UK

Part Time

Admin Assistant (Volunteer)

At AiR we are looking for Administrative Support on any of the days listed. Administration is a fundamental element of all organisational activity and administrative skills are key to a building a strong employment portfolio.

18 Harbour St, Ramsgate CT11 8HA, UK

Part Time

Community Arts Assistant (Volunteer) – AiR Arts and Crafts Sessions

We are looking for Community Arts Volunteer to help us run any of our three weekly Community Arts and Crafts Sessions at AiR community centre in Ramsgate. The sessions are free entry and are open to people of all abilities, ages and backgrounds.

18 Harbour St, Ramsgate CT11 8HA, UK

Part Time

Arts/Craft Workshop Facilitator (Volunteer)

At the moment we are welcoming new Arts and/or Crafts Workshop Facilitators to run creative groups and classes at our centre in Ramsgate.

18 Harbour St, Ramsgate CT11 8HA, UK

Part Time

Organisational Development Support (Volunteer)

At AiR we are in a stage of building stronger infrastructure, refining our ethos and thinking about our future funding and activity strategy. To support this we are looking for critical friends, strategic thinkers, consultants and management professionals who are able to volunteer their skills.

18 Harbour St, Ramsgate CT11 8HA, UK

Part Time / Ad hoc

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