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National arts competition for the over 70s in quarantine

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak across the world, many people in the UK are staying at home and are not able to go out for social gatherings.

Our greatest writer, William Shakespeare, was faced with a similar situation, with outbreaks of the plague throughout his career, and in particular in 1605-06, when he wrote his King Lear.

We have launched the King Lear Prizes to encourage ordinary people, who have never been published before and are not professional writers, musicians or artists, to create new works of literature, poetry, music and art during the time they are quarantined.

As you will remember, King Lear went increasingly mad during Shakespeare’s play. Perhaps entering the King Lear Prize competition will stop you doing the same in quarantine!

The short-listed and winning submissions will be made public on this website and in our email newsletter, and we hope to be able to present online performances by eminent actors and musicians.


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